Postdoctoral Social Science Fellows

Social Science Postdocs ImageThe Postdoctoral Social Science Working Group is cosponsored by the Cornell Population Center, the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational ResearchCornell Center for Social Sciences, and Center for the Study of Inequality. This group fosters the development of work in progress and research collaborations through monthly lunch meetings. Sarah James ( is the group organizer and can answer questions about meetings and scheduling. To join the group, please contact and provide your center/department sponsor, project title, and mentor’s name.



Postdoctoral Fellows for 2019/20

Jason Anderson, Psychology
Vivekinan Ashok, Government
Sharon Ayalon, TECH-Jacobs
Nicolas Bottan, Policy Analysis and Management (PAM)
Etienne Breton, PAM
Kristen Carter Elmore, Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR)
Yoon Choi, Communication (COM)
Luisa Cortesi, Science and Technology Studies and Anthropology
Elizabeth Day, BCTR
Melissa Fletcher Pirkey, Department of Sociology (SOC)
MC Forelle, Cornell Tech
Laura Giurge, SC Johnson Graduate School of Management
Hope Harvey, PAM
Laura Huber, Government
Sarah James, Cornell Population Center (CPC)
James Krueger, Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future
Jiawei Liu, COM
Rick Moore, SOC
Celene Reynolds, ILR Organizational Behavior; Center for the Study of Inequality
Cassandra Robertson, CPC
Alex Roehrkasse, BCTR; PAM
Sarah Sachs, Science and Technology Studies
Ezgi Sakman, PSYCH

Prior Postdocs

Asad Asad
Assistant Professor, Sociology, Stanford University
How Noncitizens Perceive the Risk of Deportation
Former Cornell Mentor: Filiz Garip, Sociology, Center for the Study of Inequality

Erica Boothby
Postdoctoral Associate, Operations, Information, & Decisions Department, UPenn Wharton
People’s Understanding of the Impact they Have on Others
Former Cornell Mentor: Tom Gilovich, Psychology

Jessica Cooper
Lecturer of Social Anthropology
University of Edinburgh
Unaccountable: Surreal Life in California’s Mental Health Courts
Former Cornell Mentor: Andrew Wilford, Anthropology

Dominic DiFranzo
Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Lehigh University
Prosocial Design for Social Media
Former Cornell Mentor: Natalie Bazarova, Communication

Frank Edwards
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, Rutgers University –Newark
National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect
Former Cornell Mentor: Chris Wildeman, PAM, Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research

Patrick Ishizuka
Assistant Professor, Sociology, Washington University – St. Louis
Work, Family, and GenderInequality
Former Cornell Mentor: Kelly Musick, Cornell Population Center

Kelly Nielsen
Postdoctoral Associate, Sociology, University of California-Merced
Former Cornell Mentor: Vida Maralani, Sociology

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