Undergraduate Demography Minor

undergrad demography posterThe CPC offers a cross-college, interdepartmental minor in Demography for all Cornell undergraduates. The minor is a rigorous undergraduate course of study on population-related topics and approaches, providing students a broad understanding of global population dynamics and tools for analyzing demographic data.

Why Minor in Demography?

In today’s rapidly changing society, a strong understanding of population is a valuable tool for making sense of the social and economic phenomena that affect our lives and our societies.

Interdisciplinarity: Demography is the interdisciplinary study of human population dynamics, including the size, structure, and geographic distribution of populations, and how populations change over time due to births, deaths, migration, and aging.

Information: Demography provides information, for example, on the size and composition of consumer markets, labor markets, the electorate, and groups in receipt or need of social services.

Expertise: Demographic expertise will benefit undergraduates interested in wide-ranging careers in public policy, business, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), as well as those seeking to pursue graduate training in fields such as sociology, economics, public health, environmental sciences, and area studies.

Program Requirements:

Demographic Introductory Course (DSOC 2010/SOC 2202; PAM 2030) (3 credits)
Statistics Course (AEM 2100; ILRST/STSCI 2100; PAM 2100 or PAM 2101) (3 credits)
Demographic Overview Course from this list. (3 credits)
Two Additional Population Courses from this list. (6 credits).

At least two courses must be outside the student’s major department. Students will complete five courses, each of which requires a grade of B- or better to count toward the minor.

Undergraduate students interested in signing up for the minor should complete the Intent to Minor Form and the application to graduate with a minor in demography form. For more information contact Meg Cole at mc129@cornell.edu.