Required Graduate Prosem (PAM 6810)

Academic Year 2020-21
Fridays, 12-1:15pm, Virtual
Maralani (Sociology) & Miller (PAM)
CPC Co-Directors of Graduate Training Program

Course Description:       

The Demography Training Series (DTS) Proseminar (PAM 6810) is a professional development and speaker series hosted by the Cornell Population Center. The DTS series is structured to provide students with exposure to the highest-quality research in the field of demography, to strengthen skills in demographic techniques, to broaden knowledge of demographic data, and to facilitate discussions on career development. These are essential aspects to core training in demography and, accordingly, completion of this one-credit course (three times) is requirement to receive the graduate demography minor. Given the importance of these topics and to further develop a culture of demography on campus, all demography students are strongly encouraged to continually enroll and attend the DTS prosem.

Course Requirements:

The requirements of this course are simple: to attend weekly seminars and workshops, and engage with the presenters in a thoughtful manner. Specifically, we expect that you’ll attend at least two-thirds of the seminars in the CPC speaker series and attend all of the workshops listed on the schedule below. If you cannot attend one of the workshops, please let us know in advance. In addition to attendance, you are expected to engage with seminar speakers and your peers during presentations and discussions.

2020/21 Sessions

In the proseminar this year, we will cover topics spanning the areas of professional development, traditional demography, and methods, computing, and data.  Our current hoped-for list of topics for the upcoming year includes:  “Getting your paper out the door”; Field and laboratory experiments;  CISER resources; Applied demography; Presentations in the era of Zoom; Event Study statistical models; and PAA practice talk preparation.

Fall 2020

DemSemX, August 21, 3-4pm ET (Not required but recommended)

PAA 2021 Prep and Course Introduction with Doug Miller (PAM), September 4, 12-1:15pm (Link to join Zoom seminar)

CISER Resources with William Block, Florio Arguillas, and Lynda Kellam, October 9, 12-1:15pm

How to get a Draft Paper out the Door and Under Review with Landon Schnabel, November 6, 12-1:15pm

Title TBD, December 4, 12-1:15pm

2019/20 Sessions

Spring 2020

Causal Analyses of Health Behaviors with John Cawley, January 24, 12-1:15pm, Warren B73

Building Productive Professional Mentoring Relationships with Vida Maralani, February 14, 12-1:15pm, Mann 102

Designing and Delivering an Effective Presentation with Peter Rich, February 28, 12-1:15pm, Mann 102

CANCELED–PAA Practice Talks, April 10, 9am-1:30pm, Mann 102 (Not required)

From Conference Paper to Journal Submission with Matt Hall, May 1, 12-1:15pm, Online

Fall 2019

PAA 2020 Prep and Course Introduction with Vida Maralani (SOC) and Doug Miller (PAM), August 30, 12-1:15pm, Mann 102

Welcome Back Reception, September 5, 3:30-5pm, CHE Commons

Navigating the Postdoc Job Market with Patrick Ishizuka (Washington University in St. Louis) and Sarah James (CPC Frank H. T. Rhodes Postdoctoral Fellow) – September 13, 12-1:15pm, Mann 102

Panel on Differential Privacy in the 2020 US Census with John Abowd, Andy Beveridge, Abraham Flaxman, Shannon Monnat – moderated by Matt Hall. September 20, 12:00-1:30pm, Mann 102

Tips & Techniques for Web-scraping with Nicolas Bottan, October 25, 12-1:15pm, Mann 102

Upstate Population Workshop (at Syracuse), November 1, 10am-4pm, 312 Lyman Hall (Not required)

Mixed Method and Qualitative Research in Demography with Maureen Waller and Emily Parker, November 15, 12-1:15pm, Mann 102

Introduction to Bayesian Estimation Methods in Demography with Doug Miller, December 6, 12-1:15 pm, Mann 102

2018/19 Sessions (required sessions are starred*):

Spring 2019

Mark Fossett (TAMU) and Amber Crowell (Fresno State) — New Methods for Segregation Analysis: A Hands-On Workshop, February 6, 10-11:30, Mann 102

Douglas Miller (PAM) — Basics of propensity score & matching*, February 8, 12-1:15pm, Mann 102

Cristobal Young (SOC) — Big data topics*, February 15, 12-1:15pm, Mann 102

PAA Practice Talks — March 29, 9:30am-2pm, Warren 401

PAA 2019 — April 10-13, Austin, TX

Lars Vilhuber (Economics)— Project replication*, April 26, 12-1:15pm, MVR G422

Fall 2018

Kelly Musick (PAM) —   Welcome Back and PAA 2019 Prep*
Friday, August 24, 12-1:15pm, Mann 102

Douglas Miller (PAM) —  Generating paper ideas*, September 28, 12-1:15pm, Warren B73

Upstate Population Workshop (at Cornell) — October 19, 12-4:30pm, A.D. White House

Kim Weeden (SOC) — Writing and responding to reviewer reports, October 26, 12-1:15pm, Mann 102

CISER — Research with Restricted Access Data and Results Reproduction and Poster Presentation Prep*, November 2, 12-1:15pm, Mann 102

Rhodes Annual Meeting and Conference  — November 8-9, Statler, Deep Wounds: Social Determinants of Health Inequalities co-sponsored by CPC and CSI

Paula Fomby (Michigan) — Introduction to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID)*, December 7, 10-11:30am, Warren B73


2017/18 Sessions:

Kelly Musick (PAM) —   Welcome Back and PAA 2018 Prep
Friday, September 1, 12-1:15pm, MVR 142

Michael Lovenheim (PAM) and Laura Tach (PAM) —   How I Do Demography
Friday, October 6, 12-1:15pm, MVR 153

CAPS Encore Upstate Population Conference (at Syracuse)
Friday, October 20, 10-3:30pm

Patrick Ishizuka (CPC Rhodes Postdoctoral Fellow) —   External Funding for Graduate Students
Friday, December 8, 12-1:15pm, MVR 142

Peter Rich (PAM) —   Intro to Spatial Demography and Analytics
Friday, February 2, 12-1:15pm, MVR G87

Nicolas Ziebarth (PAM) —   Developing a Workflow: Being Productive without Losing your Mind
Friday, March 23, 12-1:15pm, MVR 142

2018 PAA Practice Talks, Wednesday, April 18, 10-2PM, W.I. Meyers Seminar Room, 401 Warren Hall

PAA 2018, April 27, 2018

Vida Maralani (SOC) —   Using Population Projections in Your Research
Friday, May 11, 12-1:15pm, MVR G87