Graduate Demography Training

The field of demography is multidisciplinary in focus and practice, drawing on a wide range of social science perspectives. Graduate training at CPC is similarly multidisciplinary and provides students with opportunities to develop fundamental demographic insights and methodological tools, as well as to engage with arguments from a range of perspectives.

The campus-wide graduate minor in Demography is open to Ph.D. students in all social science fields. To qualify for completion of the minor, students must successfully complete the following courses:

  • Principles in Demography (PAM 6050/DSOC 6070): (3 credits)
    Provides a conceptual overview for studying population issues and introduces major subfields of study within demography.
  • Demographic Techniques (PAM 6060/DSOC 6080): (3 credits)
    Develops basic methodological tools in demography, including rate construction, single- and multiple-decrement life tables, and survival analysis.
  • Demography Training Seminar (PAM 6810): (1 credit)
    Participation in the CPC seminar series and monthly training workshops. Consistent enrollment is encouraged; at least 3 training credits (i.e., 3 semesters) are required.
  • Elective course from approved list of CPC courses
    Substantive courses that incorporate trainings in demographic techniques or population processes. (*Students may petition for elective course to be added to the list of approved elective courses.)

In addition to these course requirements, graduate minors must include at least one CPC faculty affiliate on their special committee.