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Upstate Population Workshop

CPC and the Center for Aging and Policy Studies (CAPS) at Syracuse University host an Annual Upstate Population Workshop. This is an opportunity for population scholars in upstate New York to discuss common research interests and includes faculty, postdocs, and students from CPC, Syracuse University, the State Universities of New York at Albany and Buffalo, and Rochester University. The Workshop includes forums for informal discussion of work-in-progress and common challenges and opportunities in population research. It is a signature initiative of the the Upstate Population Consortium.

The 2018 Upstate Population Workshop will be held on October 19 from 12pm-4:30pm at the A.D. White House, Cornell University (2018 CPC-CAPS Upstate Workshop Agenda).

The lunch time working groups are now full but we hope you can join us for the panel from 2-3:30pm and reception at 3:30pm.

We have a great line-up for our afternoon panel featuring new research from our upstate affiliates—join us in the Guerlac Room for talks at 2pm and a reception at 3:30pm:

Panel Showcase moderated by Kim Weeden (Cornell)

  • Shannon Monnat (Syracuse), Spark vs. Kindling: Assessing Supply- vs. Demand-Side Explanations for Geographic Variation in U.S. Drug Mortality Rates
  • Adriana Reyes (Cornell), Racial Differences in Spatial Proximity to Family
  • Cassandra Robertson (Cornell), Race and Intergenerational Economic Mobility
  • Gregory Sharp (SUNY Buffalo), Activity Space Exposures and Adult Health: Dimensions of Community Social Organization as Underlying Mechanisms

2018 CPC_CAPS Upstate Workshop Agenda

2017 Upstate Population Workshop Agenda

2016 Upstate Population Workshop Agenda

2015 Upstate Population Workshop Agenda


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