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CPC at PAA 2018

CPC had stronger representation than ever at the Population Association of America Annual Meeting (PAA) 2018, with a total of 49 CPC faculty, postdoctoral, and student affiliates presenting papers and posters and serving as chairs and discussants. CPC provided PAA travel awards to 20 graduate student participants and hosted a reception for affiliates, alumni, and friends. CPC Affiliates are encouraged to use the following poster templates – CPC branding with top red banner and without banner.

Congratulations to Pamela Meyerhofer, Sherry Zhang, and and Julia Zhu for their PAA 2018 poster session awards!

Posters presented by CPC graduate students at PAA (click on the thumbnail to see more):

Sam Dodini (PAM)
“The Gender Career Interruption Gap”

Alyssa Goldman (SOC)
“Black-White Differences in Predictors of Mortality”

Alyssa Goldman (SOC)
“Disadvantage and Instability in Older Adults’ Ties to Their Adult Children”

Lauren Griffin (SOC)
“Wealth and Debt Homophily, Gender Equality, and Relationship Stability”


Pamela Meyerhofer (PAM)
“Separating the Effect of Parental Involvement in Abortion on Risky Sexual Behavior”


Camille Portier (SOC)
“The Health Effects of Caring for Others: Evidence from the United Kingdom”

Youngmin Yi (SOC/PAM)
“(In)stability and Care in Living Arrangements: Putting Foster Youth in Context”

Sherry Zhang (PAM)
“Adolescent Exposure to Diverse Neighborhoods and Schools”


Sherry Zhang (PAM)
“School Prejudice and Substance Use from Adolescence to Emerging Adulthood”

Julia Zhu (PAM)
“The Risk of Being Deported: Deportation Prevalence among Unauthorized Immigrants.”

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