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Job Market Candidates

We are pleased to support the following job market candidates.  

Demography Minor Candidates

Alyssa Goldman Image
Alyssa Goldman

Link to Alyssa Goldman, Ph.D. Sociology (expected 2019)

Current research: sociology of health, social networks,aging, social stratification.

Committee: Ben Cornwell Chair), Vida Maralani, Erin York Cornwell

Youngmin Yi PhotoYoungmin Yi, Ph.D. Sociology (expected 2019)

Current research: the intersection of family with criminal justice, child welfare, and immigration policy systems in the U.S., focusing on inequality in outcomes in childhood and the transition to adulthood.

Committee: Daniel Lichter (Co-Chair), Christopher Wildeman (Co-Chair), Matthew Hall, Erin York Cornwell


CPC Affiliate Candidates

Megan Doherty Bea, PhD Sociology (expected 2019)

Current research: sociology of finance, inequality, financial policy, quantitative and spatial methods, particularly in the U.S. context.

Cassandra Benson, PhD Economics (expected 2019)

Current research: examining interactions among government programs that affect child disability and family welfare and

Research fields are: public economics and economics of education.

Marisa Carlos, Ph. D. Policy Analysis and Management (expected 2019)

Current research: supply-side health economics; specifically health insurance, safety-net providers, hospitals, and pharmaceutical marketing.

James Elwell, Ph.D. Economics (expected 2019)

Current research: labor economics, public finance, and the economics of crime.

Maria de Lourdes Ramirez-Florez, Ph.D. Sociology (expected 2019)

Dissertation title: “Back home: three essays on Mexican return migrants and Mexican-American children’s assimilation in Mexico.”

Interests: migration, immigrant incorporation, and education.

Current research: use of mixed-methdods to understand the role of transnational practices and networks on the incorporation of the foreign-born children of return migrants in their country of ancestry.

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