Job Market Candidates

We are pleased to support the following job market candidates.  

Demography Minor Candidates

Karina Acosta Ordonez, Ph.D., City and Regional Planning (expected 2021)

Research interests: regional economic development, spatial econometrics, and demography


Jocelyn Fischer PhotoJocelyn Fischer, Ph.D., Sociology (expected 2021)

Research interests: gender, family, work and the labor market, inequality and social stratification


Sneha KumarSneha Kumar, Ph.D., DevSOC (expected 2021)

Research interests: international development, gender inequality, family demography, social policy


Emily Parker PortraitEmily Parker, Ph.D., Policy Analysis and Management (expected 2021)

Research interests: health and social policy, poverty and inequality, gender and family, spatial demography


Postdoctoral Fellows

Etienne Breton Etienne Breton, Ph.D., Demography (Princeton University, 2019); PAM Visiting Fellow

Current research: families, living arrangements, gender, inequality, mixed-methods research


Sarah James PortraitSarah James Ph.D., Sociology and Social Policy (Princeton University, 2019); CPC Frank H. T. Rhodes Postdoctoral Fellow

Current research: child and adolescent wellbeing, family and community factors in health disparities, sleep



CPC Affiliates

Anne Burton, Ph.D., Department of Economics (expected 2021); health economics, public economics, economics of crime

Samuel Dodini, Ph.D., Department of Policy Analysis and Management (expected 2021); behavioral labor economics, labor market institutions, education and skill development, public finance, urban anti-poverty programs

Katherine Wen, Ph.D., Policy Analysis & Management (expected 2021); health economics, substance use, infectious disease, and aging