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fostering collaboration and innovation in population science

Graduate Student Minors and Affiliates

Karina Acosta (CRP)
Research interests: demography; development economics; nutrition

Omar Moussa Ali (DevSOC)
Research interests: population dynamics; fertility transition; population and development in Africa

Amit Anshumali (DevSOC)
Research interests: rural sociology; development economics; anthropology of labor

Alexandra Cooperstock (SOC)
Research interests: education; inequality; stratification; social mobility; poverty; life course

Brady (Alex) Currit (SOC)
Research interests: social stratification; social networks; and health

Michael Daly (PAM)
Research interests: health and economic public policy

Lucas Drouhot (SOC)
Research interests: immigration; ethnicity; identity

Maria De Lourdes Ramirez Flores (SOC)
Research interests: inequality; education; gender

Jocelyn Abigail Fischer (SOC)
Research interests: family; gender; the labor market

Alyssa Woodrow Goldman (SOC)
Research interests: sociology of health; social networks; aging; social stratification

Lauren Griffin (SOC)
Research interests: gender; family; labor markets; inequality

Sneha Kumar (DevSOC)
Research interests: international development; gender inequality; family demography; social policy

Yuqi Lu (SOC)
Research interests: inequality studies; stratification

Erin McCauley (PAM)
Research interests:policy; criminal justice; inequality; race and ethnicity; health disparities; community-based inquiry; demography

Yoselinda Mendoza (SOC)
Research interests: inequality; civic participation; immigration; education; housing; race and ethnicity; qualitative and mixed methods

Pamela Meyerhofer (PAM)
Research interests: family demography; family health

Meaghan Mingo (SOC)
Research interests: race; racial discrimination; policing; incarceration; education; health disparities; inequality and stratification; qualitative and mixed methods

Andrea Monge (PAM)
Research interests: health management and policy

Tatiana Padilla (PAM)
Research interests: migration and social issues; labor exportation and brain drain; movement across non-traditional borders

Emily Parker (PAM)
Research interests: health; housing; inequality

Camille Portier (SOC)
Research interests: inequality; health and aging; demography; quantitative methods

Xuewen (Shelley) Yan (SOC)
Research interests: social stratification; cultural sociology; sociology of knowledge; theory

Youngmin Yi (SOC)
Research interests: inequality; social stratification; family; transitions to adulthood

Li (Julia) Zhu (PAM)
Research interests: immigration; inequality; migration and social issues

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