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Cornell Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows Opportunity
The Cornell Population Center (CPC) and Center for the Study of Inequality (CSI) encourage applicants who are working in the areas of social demography and inequality to apply for the Cornell Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows program. This is a university-wide competition, and it is not limited to social scientists.

Cornell offers an intellectually rich, vibrant, and supportive environment for junior scholars who are working in demography and inequality, broadly defined. Postdocs will enjoy abundant opportunities to receive feedback on their work, engage with world-renowned scholars inside and outside of Cornell, develop professionally, and benefit from multi-disciplinary conversation and collaboration.

For information about Cornell faculty in social demography and inequality who could serve as intellectual resources for Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows, please visit the faculty affiliate lists of the CPC and CSI. If you have further questions about faculty research interests or the two centers, contact Meg Cole (CPC) or Clara Elpi (CSI).

CPC Affiliates in the News:

CPC Affiliate, Filiz Garip will be presented with the Otis Dudley Duncan Award for her book, On the Move: Changing Mechanisms of Mexico-US Migration, at the August 2017 American Sociological Associatoin Annual Meeting.  

Mothers' Time, the Parenting Package, and Links to Healthy Child Development. Journal of Marriage and Family - August 2017
Paula Fomby and Kelly Musick found that that mothers' time in particular activities with children is positively associated with child well-being, but results are mixed regarding associations between child outcomes and the sheer amount of time that mothers spend with children.

Do nurses strikes harm patients? It's a definite maybe 
Minnesota Public Radio - June 24, 2016
Co-authored by Samuel Kleiner assistant professor of policy analysis and management, a study of 50 nursing strikes over two decades found an increase in patient fatalities during such work stoppages.

Women in America's blue-collar communities face the biggest pay gap 
Bloomberg News - June 29, 2016
April Sutton, Frank H.T. Rhodes Postdoctoral Fellow in the Cornell Population Center, found that blue-collar training without a strong college-preparatory focus penalizes women in the labor market. More: U.S. News and World Report and Forbes.

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