2017 Population Association of America Annual Meeting
April 27– April 29, 2017
Chicago, IL

CPC at PAA 2017
CPC Affiliates on PAA 2017 Program: 45
Papers: 31
Posters: 17
Organizer: 3
Session Chair: 9
Discussant: 7

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The CPC is honored to receive Atlantic Philanthropies' generous endowment to fund postdoctoral fellows in honor of former Cornell president, Frank H. T. Rhodes. CPC's Annual Rhodes Symposium also honors Frank H. T. Rhodes and his interests (research with significance for United States, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Vietnam, South Africa, and Bermuda). This annual event brings together Dr. Rhodes’ research interests and CPC’s four core themes: (1) families and children; (2) health behaviors and disparities; (3) poverty and inequality; and (4) immigration and diversity.



2017 PAA Annual Meeting
April 27-29, 2017, Chicago, IL

Cornell Population Center