CISER Census Bureau Seminar | Jennifer Ortman

About this event :

February 19 | 1:30-2:30pm | Mann 102

Jennifer Ortman (U.S. Census Bureau) will present, Realizing the Promise of Administrative Data for Enhancing the American Community Survey. This presentation details current research to integrate administrative data at several stages of the survey life cycle, including the use of administrative data to reduce costs and better target non-response follow up by predicting vacant units, edit and impute missing data, replace American Community Survey housing items, and study the impact of family income on outcomes at a later life course stage. Link to paper. This hosted by CISER and co-sponsored by CPC.

If you would like to meet with Jennifer on Wednesday the 19th between 3:00-5:00 pm in Kennedy 436, sign-up through this link. If you would like to meet another time during her visit, contact Warren Brown. Graduate students are encouraged to sign-up.

Additional Census Bureau @ Cornell Seminars are scheduled for February 26, March 4, and March 20. The full spring semester schedule is attached.

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